Advantages of Using CRM as a Freelancer

Gaurav Goel
3 min readJul 14, 2022


There’s a lot of work to do as a freelancer. Keeping track of customers’ information can be challenging and add more work to an already busy schedule. The last thing I want is for customers to fall through the cracks because I’m spreading myself too thin. That’s why I make sure to use a customer relationship manager or CRM system to stay on top of my customer relationships and schedule.

Using CRM systems can have a lot of advantages for anybody working as a freelancer, or even in any other job. First, you need a centralized location to store your customer data securely. This way, you can access it easily when you need it. Organizing your information in this way also helps you keep this information updated and accurate. I’ve found that in freelancing and other jobs, CRM tools can reduce your workload significantly.

What is a CRM?

CRM systems are tools that allow you to record and manage information in your contact network easily. They can be used to record several types of customer interactions and information instantly. Whenever I use these tools, I don’t have to worry about losing a customer’s information since it is all backed up digitally.

CRM tools have many functions that help me communicate with my client network. For example, I’m able to access all types of contact information directly on them to access later. This way, I can contact my clients via email, text message, phone call, etc. Therefore, it is much easier to find a specific message thread, keep track of conversations, and make sure that I am responding promptly.

How Good Customer Relationship Management Makes Your Job Easier

You are usually left to your own devices to track and maintain your customer information as a freelancer, but CRM systems can help make this task much more manageable.

To maintain a good network, you must regularly reach out to your connections. This is because you need to ensure your contact information and status remains accurate and current. CRM tools can help remind you when a customer needs contacting, or information needs updating. I use CRM features to keep track of and in contact with my network connections.

Freelance work can be overwhelming, but using CRM tools simplify the job. I recommend using CRM systems to ensure customer data is never lost by securing it in the cloud. CRM tools centralize your contact information so you can easily access any part of it. In addition, you can use their features to make sure you keep in touch with your connections. As a result, CRM systems ease the burden of managing your customer relationships.

Make Sure You Find and Use the Best CRM For Freelancers

CRM tools can be an immense benefit to freelancers and can help complete a lot of the organizational work all in one place. With the right CRM system, maintaining a large network takes little to no effort.

StayTouch is the best tool for organizing, maintaining, and sharing your contact information. StayTouch allows you to share information with a quick touch of a button seamlessly. All pertinent information is instantly saved to each person’s device as well as backed up in the cloud. This makes growing your network effortless and instant.

Losing customer information can be a time-consuming, frustrating, and stressful part of running your own business. Unfortunately, if that information isn’t back up, it can be impossible to reach that customer again.

StayTouch ensures you never have to worry about losing data by backing up your information in the cloud. Even if your device is destroyed, that information can still be retrieved from where it is stored. Utilize this feature, so you never lose important data.

StayTouch has countless features that will assist with your network management. StayTouch is free to use and easy to download on any of your devices. Reach out to request a demo today and let StayTouch do the contact management heavy lifting.



Gaurav Goel

Founder & CEO, StayTouch