Customer Relationship Management & Building Customer Experience with Digital Solutions

Gaurav Goel
3 min readApr 30, 2022

A customer-centric strategy is what drives the digital customer experience. In this age of rapidly advancing modern technology, if your goal is to provide tools for effective customer relationship management, your company is only as good as your DCX. Customers are looking for a fast and seamless experience when they use your website or media platform. If you don’t deliver, you’ll lose.

The digital customer experience is all about the online journey. This includes a myriad of interactive activities ranging from a simple online search to testing features within a mobile application, browsing testimonials to reaching out to customer support. If you aren’t equipped to handle these interactions quickly and efficiently, potential customers will write off your brand just as quickly.

Relationship Management

Effective customer relationship management can be quite an undertaking if you are growing a brand, a career, or a professional following. Your online presence needs to be strong. And, the digital customer experience you provide needs to be top-notch. There are many factors that influence the DCX. Many of them are dependent on the type of product or service you are offering. For example, a large-scale online shopping retailer will have different strategies in place than that of a niche market. However, there are two primary factors that are key to delivering an exceptional digital customer experience across the board — no matter the market, the brand, or the size.

1. Website or Mobile App Optimization

The number one killer of a positive digital customer experience is slow loading time. It will end the customer journey before it begins. Optimization needs to be the number one priority of any website or mobile app. Data suggests that 50% of people are likely to abandon your website if it doesn’t load in less than three seconds. That statistic doesn’t allow any room for error. The slower the load time, the lower your conversion rates will be. Potential customer loss — and subsequent potential profit — can happen that quickly.

Optimization also equals user-friendly. A fast load time allows customers to find what they are looking for quickly. A seamless digital customer journey begins when the user can find what they are searching for in a few clicks. If they don’t, research suggests the user leaves your page and the result is a degradation of the customer experience as it relates to your brand. Not good for business.

2. In-App Tools & Functionality

If you want to add value to the digital customer experience on your website or mobile app, adding touch-point tools is a great option. For example, in-app messaging tools, chat capabilities, interactive calendar functionality, and tools to personalize the experience are powerful in generating higher levels of user satisfaction. All of these functions increase productivity and simplify processes — big selling points in creating an exceptional digital customer experience.

Business Relationships

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