How to Build a Lasting Business Network

Gaurav Goel
3 min readJul 28, 2022

Having a strong business network is a major advantage to any business owner. With an extensive business network, I can use my network to gain customer referrals, build my business’s reputation, and reach out to partners and contacts for resources I might need. Maintaining these resources means I will continue to see my business expanding, with an advantage over others.

That’s why business networking is such a fundamental element of all successful companies.

I want to build an extensive business network. The more contacts I have as part of my network, the better. I also want those most valuable contacts to remain in my network for a long time. Failing to maintain the relationships in my network could put my business at a disadvantage.

What are some Good Business Networking Practices?

Maintaining my or any business network can be a challenge.

First, I need to ensure that I have every one of your contacts’ updated information. That’s why I make it a point to reach out routinely to make sure all of the contact information I have is still correct. Doing this not only keeps my contacts organized, it shows these clients that I am still very much interested in doing business with them.

When I was growing my business network, I needed to exchange information and create relationships with as many people as I could to give my business a strong foundation. But more than just exchanging information, I had to be sure that I stored all of that information somewhere secure. The last thing I wanted was to do all of that work building that network and making connections and have nothing to show for it.

Using a contact management app in my office was the most trustworthy way of making sure that none of that important information was ever lost or compromised.

A contact manager app is an online tool a person can use to store their network information. That information can then be backed up to the cloud for security. Using tools like these, I never have to worry about losing contact information.

Keep Up to Date With A Business Relationship Manager

Once I had a business relationship manager to secure my clients’ contact information, I needed to ensure that it remained updated. It doesn’t do anyone any good to have a business network full of outdated contact information.

That’s why I made sure to reach out to my contacts regularly to confirm the information that I had for them is accurate.

Luckily, certain systems can automatically update contact information when it is changed. Even so, it is still a good idea to reach out to ensure any automatic updates are accurate.

Not only do they keep me organized, I can also use business relationship managers to ensure that I’m staying connected with the contacts in my network, too. One way that I do this is by setting reminders and notes on these systems to keep track of when I last checked in with a contact.

Using business contact managers can help you grow and maintain a strong business network. They allow me to record and store information securely on the cloud. In addition, they ensure that all of that data is updated with the correct information. These typical obstacles are easily circumvented by using a business relationship management tool.

Maintain Every Business Relationship

The key to building a lasting business network is by maintaining the relationships you’ve already created. Building an extensive network is essential, but I need those connections to last for them to really be used to their full potential. Even if I succeed in making many new connections, losing contacts regularly could stunt my network, and in turn, my business growth.

In order to maintain the relationships I create, I focus on expanding existing relationships as well. This means doing things like reaching out regularly, following their social media, and offering help whenever I can. Focusing on building these areas of relationship will ensure that my network lasts indefinitely.

Using business relationship management tools such as StayTouch makes building a lasting business network easy. StayTouch is an app that allows you to effortlessly exchange information with anyone. Your contact information is all stored in the cloud, so it can never get lost. So reach out today to start building your business network.