The Evolution of Networking

We’re always making bigger shifts towards higher levels of ease within the services we use. You may already recognize that contact management is imperative to any budding professional. The pathways you create with other people are the bridges that will lead to a variety of different new situations, so ease of access is a high priority. When you want to ensure your information is in the pocket of everyone you know, you might spend your time in anticipation of what the next new networking trend will be, so you can beat everyone straight to it.

Luckily for you, that’s what we’ll discuss in this article. How is networking evolving in 2022? In the age of going contactless, what’s the best way to ensure you’re tapped in with the right people? How efficient is your digital business card? Are you on enough social networking apps to build the right relationships? Let’s take a closer look.

The History of Networking Apps

In the beginning, there was SixDegrees. It beckoned the birth of contact management software as we know it. It was launched in 1997 by Andrew Weinreich. The website allowed users to connect with their peers online, using one of the earliest social media databases ever created. It had about 3.5 million users at its height, and the servers it ran on weren’t able to house how big it had become. Indeed, it was early in the lifespan of online business networking.

SixDegrees was sold for millions of dollars and a few years later, it collapsed. It didn’t change the fact that the idea of social media had begun to take off. You may think MySpace comes next, but slow down: before that, there was actually Friendster. It launched in 2003, and it is often described as having been relatively similar to Facebook in its earlier days. It was founded by Jonathan Abrams, a Canadian computer programmer. They stayed up and running until around 2018. By that time, their community had essentially already dissolved into other sites.

The Social Networking We Know Today

MySpace absorbed a massive amount of the people who didn’t settle on these two platforms, garnering a staggering 75 million users in its heyday, which was 2008. In a turn of events, the popularity of Facebook was skyrocketing every year: they had acquired 100 million users by this same time. The platform was easier to use, had more engaging content, and people floated over without much of a thought.

So why did this shift happen? Were people unsatisfied with the platforms they were used to? Well, to put it simply, yes. Customization required too much technical understanding, and ease of access for networking was far greater with the newer business. The question posed by this data is simple: what’s next? At StayTouch, we think it’s a seamless way to bring them all together.

Digital Social Networking Apps

We rely on our smartphones for everything, including our digital business cards. Customer relationship management is more important than it’s ever been. People want contact management software that allows things to transfer quickly and easily at just a simple tap.

That’s where StayTouch comes in. The app has a built in business card scanner which allows for touchless and instantaneous transportation from other apps for contact. People are ready for a new way to relate to their relationship manager, and the key concept here is simple: networking done easy. If you’re networking in a busy or loud environment, why would you choose to have someone spell their name or instagram handle while you type it out?

StayTouch allows you to swap contact information when you hover your new contacts phone over your own. This creates a seamless business networking experience, and it beckons a new age for contact management software. To stay on the cutting edge of networking, keep exploring all your StayTouch app has to offer. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and co-workers!




Founder & CEO, StayTouch

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Gaurav Goel

Gaurav Goel

Founder & CEO, StayTouch

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