Three Reasons You Should Prioritize Client Relationships When Starting a Business

Gaurav Goel
3 min readJun 7, 2022


During my time running a business, I have found customers are the most important part of any business. Without your customers, your business would not exist. With so many things to do, it’s easy to let customer relationship management slide off of your priority list. However, developing your relationships with your clients needs always to be a primary focus, especially when first starting.

When I started my business it was a lot of work. I had to do the paperwork, hire employees, and plan my business. Having all of these tasks on my plate made it challenging to know where to focus my attention. I found that your primary focus should always be on your client relationships. There are many reasons this should be prioritized.

What is Client Relationship Management and Why is it Important?

Client relationship management is exactly what it sounds like to maintain and grow your relationships with your customers. To deepen your relationships and create return customers, i have found it is best to track some information about the customer. Recording this information enabled me to better prepare for their needs when they buy your products or services.

1. - Create Return Customers

Client relationship management is important because it directly affects your ability to maintain your customer base. I have found that when I have certain information on a client, I can predict what types of products or services they are interested in. In addition, I could reach out to previous and recurring customers to get them to return to my business.

For example, if you run an auto repair shop, you should track when your customers come in for oil changes. This way, whenever it is time for them to get another oil change, you can contact them to remind them. Then, when they get their oil changed, they will use your business again.

2. - Increase Your Sales

When I started prioritizing customer relationships I realized I can convert many more prospective customers into regulars by recording simple details from customer interactions. I could use that data to predict when a lead will need my products or services. Thus, I could reach out to them when the opportunity presented itself and gain a new customer.

For instance, say someone walks into your electronics store and is interested in buying a new smartphone. Although, you do not have the phone they want in stock. After a few more similar interactions, you decide to get that smartphone brand in stock. If you documented those interactions, you could now reach back out to those customers to get them to return.

3. - Cultivate Your Reputation

Whenever a customer walks into their favorite diner and orders “the usual’ the server already knows what they want. This is an example of an excellent relationship between the restaurant and the customer. The diner knows the customer so well they can predict precisely how to make his food. It’s probably why that diner is that customer’s favorite restaurant.

While running my business I have found that idea is the same in every industry. Maintaining updated customer information improves the customer’s experience with your business. If I know what a specific client needs, I can meet that need faster and more effectively. This inevitably leads to them positively reviewing my business and providing referrals.

Using a Customer Relationship Manager Tool

There are several types of information I would want to record to make the most out of my client relationships. Demographic information gives me basic contact information and the customer’s name. I would document their history with my business to know how long they’ve been a customer and see their past purchases. In addition, I keep an updated status for them, so I know if they’re a previous, current, or prospective client.

This is a lot of data to keep track of without any help. However, there are some tools you can use to lighten the burden of tracking all of that information. My service StayTouch will help record this data for you. As a result, we can help you efficiently manage your connections and maximize every relationship.

We know maintaining and growing your network is a daunting job. So we make it simple to share and receive information. This way, you can put more energy into other areas to improve your business. Get started with us for free here.



Gaurav Goel

Founder & CEO, StayTouch